Friday, September 29, 2017

All Kneel for Mega-sports

All Kneel For Mega-sports
If you live near a big, advanced, U.S. city you may feel pride for the number of stadiums “you" have in your city. They provide a great place to get together and demonstrate common cause. One can stand in awe of the stadium that the municipal treasury subsidized for a megacorporation. We keep mega-corps close with our fidelity to them. They return our loyalty by only threatening to move to another city when the tax breaks might abate. It is great to make pilgrimage to the 250 acres of urban property, and celebrate the extermination of the economic potential of the hallowed mega-sport spaces.
One can picture a flyover of U.S. cities and see ¼ square mile craters where mega-sports corporations have blown $1,000,000,000 economic dead zones into existence. Mega-corps owe a sop to the bent culture that gives them tax dollars and fealty, and more money for merchandise that exclaims their fealty. Oh, how about playing the theme song for the weak dick, bent, venal government that sells economic potential for the occasional ballet in the crater. Now picture sitting in those craters to watch a mega-corp show, and giving one billionth of a shit what the corporate employees do when mega-corp ingraciously plays that national anthem.
I have snapped to attention and held a salute at 17:00 retreat, when the National Anthem is played, over one thousand times, on a dozen bases, around the world. That mattered. At any corporate shareholder meeting, or other song and dance, the National Anthem is NOT appropriate. If the corporate shysters feel compelled to co-opt and play the National Anthem, they are wrong! To give a shit of how the employees and share-holders respond is just wrong compounded.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Neurotic, Compulsive Retention of Inmates; Justified?

Neurotic, Compulsive Retention of Inmates; Justified?

We all understand the prosecutorial imperative to convict all potential defendants for law school reunion glory. The results of over-conviction and sentencing have been observable for 30 years. The execution of these excessive convictions and sentences has been a black box, of which 94% of inmates eventually exit from. Compared to false convictions [epidemic], illogical mandatory sentencing structures, malicious (take it personally) prosecutors and judges; the prison system is immune to analysis and question. They run free to (intentionally) miscalculate parole eligibility and release dates, capriciously deny parole, ignore relevant statutes, and generally run on their own secret playbook.

This is a neurotic compulsion to hold people; often in violation of law; for as long as possible. To whose benefit?

Here are some specific tactics that support this wrong and unhealthy compulsion:
There are four deviations; intentional deviations from the law; inculcated into Colorado prison operations. They are: 1) don't parole illegal immigrants to federal ICE detainers (retain until mandatory release AND BEYOND); 2) intentionally miscalculate parole eligibility for multiple convictions; 3) no pre-sentence time credit; 4) [my issue] repeal of interstate corrections compact. All are systemic time computation deceptions; built in to the corporate culture of this deviant state agency.

Parole is a self-governing, no oversight agency. For issue #1 they ignored the statutory presumption of parole for illegal immigrants – holding them until mandatory release, at $37,000/yr., for whose benefit? Since being called out for that abuse they have denied ALL their parole hearings, stated that parole has been granted by a backdoor method, and refused to contact ICE. They must now file individual writs to compel the DOC to inform ICE [do their job] of their availability, OR be held indefinitely! They no longer have a mandatory release and have been illegally paroled to prison custody, w/o ICE notification.

Deviations #2&3 illegally extend the time before one may see the self-governing, no oversight parole board. Two legal precedents have told the DOC that the statute for calculating parole eligibility means what it says, and to abandon their “novel" creations – what is known as creative accounting. The DOC has responded that they “are developing a new methodology" that will “take time to implement." No mention of simple compliance with the “methodology" of the statute.
Issue #4 – also intentional ignorance of statute. Ten years ago some functionary, heading the Office of Interstate Corrections Compact (ICC), retired and locked the door behind himself. ICC is only an interstate contracting law, since 1937. Thus, any retiring bureaucrat may adjudge 80 year interstate contracting law moot.

Interstate Corrections Compact is distinct from the others in that it is a voluntary statute, for which inmates with no future intentions in Colorado could formerly apply.

This was an easy one for the DOC to block, and keep inmates intra-nationally snared. The others are parole and sentencing statues that define the very mission of those departments. What is their level of resentment and arrogance to redefine their legislated (lawful) mission? I shall answer with a fifth scenario; blatant fraud that equates to embezzlement of sentence time. Many annual reclassification evaluations are coming back with “written in stone" parole eligibility dates elevated to the mandatory release dates. The inmates who have had this criminal fraud imposed on them have enjoyed all the negative consequences – loss of half-way house eligibility, increase of custody points, potential regress to higher custody facility. This is, in criminal legal parlance, a knowing and premeditated act; executed to hold people longer.

So, to the question: Justified? Look at the numbers: 500 illegals already past PE (that have seen the parole board); 500-1000 more to be granted presumptive parole to ICE, at their PE; up to 3000 multiple conviction offenders that have missed parole hearings (and should be granted parole for denial of that earned civil right); ~750 inmates with no future intentions in Colorado, who would accept ICC to their home states. The DOC is fighting as dirty and vindictively as possible to keep 5000 extra people on their prison rolls. This is why they feel justified in their “by any means possible" rogue operations.

Epilogue: With the loss of staff at Buena Vista – reduced operations, borrowed staff from CaƱon City etc. – the signal for population reduction could not be stronger. Yet neurotic/compulsive retention deceptions are too culturally ingrained for logic to prevail. [End]

Monday, July 10, 2017

G20 Perception Politics / Analogies for Fun and International Politics

G20 Perception Politics
Angela Merkel is stuck hosting this boondoggle bullshit fest that makes the original Seattle fiasco feel like an episode of Leave It to Beaver. Ms. Merkel, Xi Zhiping, and Theresa May have made the mistake of coming to the U.S. for individual G1 bleats from the degenerate billionaires club. The only topic left for the U.S. scandal pseudo-news consumer – we are the breast implants of logical news comprehension – was how deeply the orange clown (OC) would thank the saavy Russian president for getting him elected. The proof will be in the increase of future Rusky oligarchs. Vlad paid it forward and OC says, “Pazhalsta!"
The game is control and the U.S. has risen to the Russian standard. The distinction between the two systems is Russian State vs. U.S. corporate construct. Otherwise, same goals, operating methodologies, waste, oppression, and most importantly, rage level resentment of 90% of the population, by the 10% that move money around. OC, and his billionaires club, are the avatars of the corporate construct; Vlad and Co. are the full corporation of the Russian State. Let's throw Xi in there too...Can you imagine the difference in topics discussed with Xi, compared to May and Merkel, in the earlier G1's – domination vs. future prospects of democracy.
The U.S. is a failed democratic experiment. It is a monarchy of 350,000,000 supplicants to the corporate construct. All hail the supply lines of long distance food, gasoline, and electricity. We will celebrate with 50 quadrillion bits of self-important data over a network that defines our inanity and drop dead when we cannot produce whatever widgets that maximize tribute to the monarch.
Elysium has arisen. That’s your take away from G20.

Analogies for Fun and International Politics
Remember placement test analogies? ...knowledge is to reason as bluster is to inferiority, blah, blah; until you're making bizarre connections to make the wrong answers plausible, in the dark from the wrong end of a telescope. Early on in my incarceration I told my Mexican, U.S. citizen friend, Jordan Shimonek (what, no ~ over the ‘n’?) that most N. Koreans, under KJ-IL probably did not think differently of their country than a U.S. citizen does of theirs. Fourteen years have passed and now N. Korea enjoys civil management under KJ-Un. The recent G20, in Hamburg Germany has induced me the think of that analogy from a global perspective. You have 30 seconds to answer:
N. Korea is to the United States as the United States is to _____?
a)  the rest of the world, b) the rest of the world minus a few countries,... ( no c, nor d required)
The U.S. perspective of N. Korea is as a belligerent, upstart, inexperienced, extortionate nation; that threatens hostility for its own selfish, shortsighted, government ends.
The global perspective of the U.S. is as a belligerent, upstart, inexperienced, extortionate nation; that threatens hostility for its own selfish, shortsighted, corporate/consumerist ends.
The orange clown spittle-rage-bleats that “the west" can only survive by continuing best-deal extortion and rapacious consumption for continuing supremacy of all board of directors, and executive committees. He then cites “the most lethal weapons in human history" as grounds for the continuation. As a veteran extortionist and rapist he speaks with unity for the corporate construct. Every other president and prime minister of every country cannot understand the self-enslavement to the corporate construct and sees the orange clown in split-screen with KJ-Un, spit-screeching blind allegiance to a fabricated be punctuated by displays of the most lethal weapons ever.