Thursday, April 20, 2017

PRISON CIVIL DISASTER: "...please empower me to speak up, and bring massive corrupt retaliation upon myself,..." "The risk is only mine."

"...please empower me to speak up, and bring massive corrupt retaliation upon myself,..."
"The risk is only mine."

How is your prison system working for you? It sure the fuck is not working for me. I have spent sixteen years of dead time on the Colorado taxpayers’ dime—ten of it to subsidize a corporate incarcerator.  I am a member of the 1/3 that does not require any rehabilitative resources.  In an efficient system there would be productive ends available for mutual benefit of myself and taxpayers –industries, vocational programs et cetera.  Ironically, in a private facility I did teach electronics; that is all though! I have not had access to any other industry nor vocational gig; hence sixteen years of “dead time.”

So, here I sit wasting time, wasting corrections’ resources, wasting away: with exactly zero future intentions in Colorado. My solution, for two years now, has been to apply for “interstate corrections compact,” (ICC) transfer to Maine; where I do have future intentions and may do productive time. Of course Colorado hates being called out for having a gratuitous, ‘dead time’ incarceration regime; and refuses to allow me to apply for the compact—it has only been law since 1937!

I am pursuing a Civil Rule 106 law suit to lift the corrections department’s restriction on application for ICC. I have also drafted a bill to amend the ICC statute: “No restrictions will be imposed on inmate application for Interstate Corrections Compact.” These extreme extents are necessary because there is systemic fear of CDOC’s control of state government therefore no oversight of CDOC regulatory process. 

Who wants to look under the hood of a prison system?

Please let me inform you that to not care about departments of correction’s (DOC’s) is to give license to corruption; institutional, systemic, fuck the law omnipotence! The courts will not rule against CDOC abuse—usually in the form of the department’s willful ignorance of statute. The legislature will not fortify laws to surmount DOC malfeasance.
Who wants to petition the government to look under that hood of the prison system; and do their elected jobs?

Politicians will not care if the people do not care. So, the incarcerated and their relatives must act. This has to happen by civic groundswell. Malicious incarceration is a civic problem that needs popular outcry. There exists a pothole hot-line for a road crew to patch a void in an asphalt surface that affects your life. Should there not be a hot-line for over-incarcerated people that constitutes a void in the civic fabric? 

The current, most salient and ripe issues are:  1.) Illegal aliens held past their parole dates, in violation of statute and public interest, 2.) Inmates denied parole hearings and community corrections eligibility by malicious miscalculation of parole eligibility dates (PED), 3.) Inmates denied application for Interstate Corrections Compact, to be relocated to a state in which they have future intentions (family and work).

These problems, which could decrease the inmate population by 10-15% and better spread resources, are being systemically suppressed. 

Why corrections departments neurotically hold people…e.g., a case manager here claimed to be ‘3 for 3’ with the November parole board, for denials of parole!...and claims this to be irrelevant. It is institutional, systemic, neurotic, and immune to negotiation. Popular uprising and fortified laws are the only solutions

Below is the simple bill I proposed to correct problem 3 above.[1] This is required in the degenerated state of government, society, and culture. I have “privilege” of being bold and outspoken because what the fuck else are the abusers going to do to me? The 1% have ripped me off through my government, the government apparatchiks (courts) deny all inmate filings, the media fear the business controlled government institutions…

So, paradoxically, please empower me to speak up, and bring massive corrupt retaliation upon myself, to prove my point. I need press coverage and people to bring physical copies of my bill to the legislators in Denver. Who can help with this first step? The risk is only mine.



Corrections Compact Accessibility Act

An Act to secure availability, accessibility, and antecedent qualification of Interstate Correction Compact to inmates with no legal encumbrances or future intentions in Colorado.

Whereas, The Interstate Corrections Compact (CRS § 1601, 2, & 3) is a long standing and robust statute for inmates to transfer to other compact state jurisdictions.  Most often transfers were executed as swaps, whereby the sending and receiving states swapped inmates for mutual benefit of placing inmates in states where they have support, are from, or have future intentions.
(CRS ~24-60-1602) The Purpose and Policy of ICC states:
The party states, desiring by common action to fully utilize and improve their institutional facilities and provide adequate programs for the confinement, treatment and rehabilitation of various types of offenders, declare that it is the policy of each of the party states to provide such facilities and programs on a basis of cooperation with one another, thereby serving the best interest of such offenders and Of society and effecting economies in capital expenditures and operational cost. The purpose of this compact is to provide for the mutual development and ,execution of such programs of cooperation for the confinement, treatment, and rehabilitation of offenders with, the most economical use of
human and material resources. (Art. I, ibid.)

Whereas, the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) has eliminated application for Interstate Corrections Compact.
Be it enacted to restore Interstate Corrections Compact.

Whereas, this bill endeavors to minimize the expenditure of CDOC resources on inmates with no future intentions in Colorado.  ICC has been long standing and robust statute; underutilized for its purpose of mutual benefit between compacting states for the beneficial placement of both out-of-state inmates to their home states, and returning Colorado residents.

Whereas, inmates sent to a receiving state at the daily rate paid to instate private incarceration facilities appear to be only a cost neutral proposition—same per diem paid to receiving state as private incarcerator.  This discounts failure of future homeless parolees who should not be forced onto Colorado communities. Proper ICC intrastate deports inmates to their best opportunity for post-incarceration success, and frees up resources for inmates with future Colorado intentions and potential. In the event of a swap the sending state payment is nullified and future potential is doubled. 

Whereas, there is no valid investment for Colorado citizens in out-of-state inmates that can be intrastate deported. This simple amendment to the ICC permits better application of that statute for better fulfillment of the CDOC mission.

Whereas this bill will:
·         Make pre-existing ICC accessible.
·         Clarify the best applicants for approval.
·         Divest the people of Colorado from future unsupported ‘doomed to fail’ parolees, (That is; it optimally pre-places inmates for home state parole or discharge.)
·         Frees up CDOC resources for inmates with future intentions in Colorado.
·         Encourages success of out-of-state inmates in their home states.
·         Encourages Success of Colorado residents in the event of inmate swap into their home state.

Whereas this bill will not:
·         Impose any mandatory strictures, (Application remains voluntary and transfer contingent upon receiving state acceptance).
·         Forcefully, nor unilaterally expel inmates.
·         Impose any new operating paradigms on the CDOC. (ICC has a forgotten history of successful transfers).
·         Impose any increases in staffing or budget (Private prison monitor staff may shift to ICC monitor at the same staff/inmate contracted ratio).
·         Impact safety or security.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado:
Section 1.  24-60-1603, Colorado Revised Statutes, is amended by the addition of a new subsection to read;
24-60-1603 (1). The Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections is to administer Interstate Corrections Compact.
(a)    No restrictions will be imposed on inmate application for Interstate Corrections Compact.
(b)    Applicants that demonstrate no legal encumbrances nor future intentions in Colorado shall be approved for Interstate Corrections Compact.
(I)                 This subsection does not restrict approval of Interstate Corrections Compact to inmates with no legal encumbrances, nor future intentions in Colorado.
HB / SB        To be enacted             2017
Senator  /  Representative

[1] Problems 1 & 2 are stalled at these two places: 1.) Alan Pendergast, of The Westword, has exposed the problem of parole board malfeasance. The public seems not to care about this disregard for law, 2.) April Elliot is representing Scott Diehl in a habeas corpus that will address intentional miscalculation that has denied him twelve opportunities to have seen parole and community corrections board. This is established law in Nowak and Fetzer precedents. The public seems not to care about this disregard for law.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

PUSH BACK, LAST CHANCE; Decouple from the Five Generations of Corporate Slavery that has Poisoned Us and Try Liberty.


Decouple from the Five Generations of Corporate Slavery that has Poisoned Us and Try Liberty.

Our self-enslavement to the corporate construct has been self-evident for at least two generations now. Gerry Spence in “From Freedom to Slavery; The Rebirth of Tyranny in America,” traces the less overt phase back to a 1891 legal precedent.  One may say it became overt with militarized police, gratuitous war, and civil rights mitigation. A democratic populace would not have taken the path our republic has taken—by definition—could not have because a true democratic populace would have had a say.

A small example is the popular video of a cop running to a downed black man—two peer cops already quad-knees in the man’s back, cuffed hands extended to tear his shoulder tendons—and repeatedly punching the man in the mouth. Ostensibly this was to dislodge some contraband from the criminal’s mouth, and hey if you worked that beat you’d want to break all the jaws of the mouthy blacks that stand around and talk shit too.  Oh, so which is the problem; mouth concealed contraband or a black man loitering? Please accept that you do not care about anyone’s drug consumption. Oh, but I’m compassionate and addiction is a scourge; stuff that bullshit rationalization. NO ONE CARES ABOUT DRUG CONSUMPTION. If EXXON wanted to open an opium division the DEA would disappear overnight!

What people care about is their own shit, but they’ve been sold a violent charade of a drug war to build an overwhelming suppression force which stays ‘tuned up’ on anyone outside of the corporate consumertron/purchasing machine paradigm. Or, how about capricious wars in Viet Nam and Iraq as serving any speck of citizen welfare! 

No, the only interest the U.S. government has served, for 100 fucking years, is the corporatocracy. The only difference with the incoming Caligula regime is that all pretense of democracy—that the corporate construct pulls the strings but there is at least the separation of the strings—is blown away. No distinction, the corporate boards are our government. Final—national supplication to the corporate construct.

Immediate mandate: Unify and fight back.  Look at the demands of the corporate construct on a citizen, to identify the pressure points. 

The demands are: Work until you die, consume grid electricity, gasoline, automobiles, houses…, beyond necessity and your means.  Then drop dead and do not draw any hedge funded retirement. 

The push-backs are: Stop using grid electricity (especially for heating elements, such as electric stoves, water heaters and coffee makers),[1] stop using combustion engines,[2] convert gas/diesel vehicles to electric, and try to charge battery banks from renewable sources. Further, load you own ammo, make distilled alcohol, make your own clothes and body armor, avoid pharmaceutical (discretionary) meds, and utilize alternative currencies. This may seem like Appalachian Foxfire™ self-sustaining hillbilly crap but it is absolutely the first step to decouple from the corporate construct.  All you have to do is withdraw your ‘placed’ value system from all the charades the construct wants you invested in—electricity, gas, jewelry, diamonds, psych meds, products that travel great distances, over-hyped insurance…

What I propose is a mass repeal of the result of our perverse “economic development.” The investiture of the people (what I called “placed value” above) is the manipulated and wasted quality that has to be reclaimed. Currently the corporate construct assaults all citizens every second with work demands for the perpetuation of the construct—socialism for the LLC, serfdom for the workers.

A mass movement of these consumer decoupling’s will lead to the destruction of the rotten politics that serve our precious oligarchs. We will have freed ourselves from their money supremacy but billionaire vengeance will be the spark of either extermination or revolution. A parallel human liberty polity must arise as the template for the re-constituted U.S.  Road sign for this future can be planted with proposed legislation and constitutional amendments. The oligarch masters—no longer abstracted from government but the paradigm imposed on government—will not bend. In spite of no meaningful change from working in their castle courtyard we must make the billboard visible.

Two potential amendments are: 1.) All citizens of at least 18 years of age, and not convicted of any treasonous act, shall be permitted to vote for all their individual civil representatives, civil matters of plebiscite, and all matters pertinent to and affective of their civil rights. 2.) All citizens of competent age and mentality may produce and possess any product for biologic consumption, without question to benefit or detriment.

Protesting is dead. What good is driving a combustion engine car to a grid powered train, to a consumption powered city, to demonstrate continuing supplication to the oligarchic infrastructure? Withdraw you placed value. Here is my proposed speech for a protest, extolling combined individual action and the hurdles to that unity:

"Fellow victims of corporate construct…Everything is subsidized…There has never been a free market and we are all victims, consumertron dupes to the emperor of incorporation. The new federal government, relieved of the charade of democracy, the final solution of the corporatocracy, that we fuel with our labor…We have to withdraw our falsely placed value that enslaves us to the corporate construct…Free our consumertron minds to the real concepts of personal liberty. 
The challenge will require unparalleled cooperation of the intentionally fragmented populace. Unity among disparate groups…Intercultural assistance to lift the boot of corporatocracy off our collective throats. We know we have been played for suckers. The end game for liberty, if we have ever experienced it or ever will, is here now!

The founder of the exemplar of corporate force and militancy, Blackwater,™  has asked for the re-establishment of assassination squads. First up for targeting: journalists, then the dis-colored, then…  What will you do when these others, that also want to work for personal liberty from the corporate whip hand but have less capability, have their neighborhoods cordoned off…their grid electricity cut? Will you smuggle in solar panels, fuel, storage batteries, two-way radios, local food…Help them thrive in their instant Alleppo’s? 

Yes, because you will pay attention to real events, reported by non-corporate journalism, you won’t gather to be shot by the omnipotent corporate military,[3] you will thrive, and possibly experience liberty, by being the largest unified invisible force ever—one that exists by being literally and figuratively off the grid."

Imagine the possibilities by way of backlash. The corporate pseudo—government advertises gasoline; sponsors give-aways; increases military purchases; give graduated tax breaks/subsidies for increased consumption; allows electric bill write-offs/subsidy; penalizes buildings without grid hook-up; hyper-taxes batteries for solar panels, electric motors, windmill industries; and throttles transport into/out of under-consuming regions…
Hell, maybe DeBeers takes over the treasury and issues serial number identifiable diamonds as U.S. bonds. Make up your own scenario of the vile extremes the corporacratic empires—energy, luxury goods, commodities…--will reach to continue your supplication. (Hint: Start with the current extreme of throwing out the Cheney/Rumsfeld Veil of government not subsumed the corporatocracy and openly pissing oligarchic spite on the whole republic. Your single source for high altitude piss that you cannot step out of.)

So, yet again and forever, decouple from the five generations of corporate slavery that has poisoned us, and try liberty.

[1] A power plant has to source 13 times as much heat to deliver the heat of your element at home! A gas, or even coal, water heater saves 12 times as much as you burn from the plant burning on your behalf.
[2] Clever lab experiments 115 years ago/they still run at despicable efficiency rate of only 12 %. Electric motors have a 92% efficiency rate.
[3] The regular military can fire on citizens deemed to be domestic enemies. Coming soon, military authority to ascribe enemy status to large gatherings.