Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What's the Goal

What's the goal?
The United States is the greatest country founded on genocide and slavery. Well, actually the ancient countries may have been better, at that time's standards. So, let's say the U.S. is the greatest modern country founded on genocide and slavery. As the Giovani Rabisi character in The Rum Diaries says before cranking up the Adolf Hitler vinyl on the turntable; “We killed the brown people that were here and replaced them with different brown people. Then we brought in Jesus, like a bar of soap." Then expiate with what; the industrial revolution, banking, and the modern military? That's like replacing my garden with a nuclear explosion. Thanks for the demonstration of faux democratic principles.
Before invasion North Americans only knew “success" in terms of task accomplishment for survival. Being not too hungry, not too injured, not too dead. Concepts of success and failure became necessary to fabricate a new slave class. What is your net worth? How long might you live – really live – without gas, transportation, a grocery store? The corporate slave masters don't want you to ever find out. Their well-crafted and heavily advertised plastic life is perfectly designed for you. Keep saving for a jet-ski and buying “better" cellphone service.
Do you know anyone who deviates, and really lives? Bums, right? Eccentrics, wierdos...flipped off the real circuit breakers in their house, to not use grid electricity, so they must have flipped their mental circuit breakers too. Alright, if you insist. How many beliefs have you lived long enough to discover were wrong?
That discovery is what the corporate construct wants you to never exercise. It is built into the culture; since it justified the founding genocide and slavery. Focus on money, as “success" via purchasing ability. Perform wasteful work, pay outrageous bills...do, do, do, pay, pay, pay.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Push Back, Last Chance, Follow up

Blog, follow up on previous post, (typed 2 months ago?) April 19, Push Back, Last Chance

I previously wrote about preliminary steps to free ourselves from subjugation to the corporate construct – our pre-programed, plastic wrapped mental, financial, and political enslavement. Do you recall the premise of self-sufficiency; mostly reduction of petroleum and grid electricity consumption?

This follow-up is motivated by “Censored 2015”; regarding suppression of real news to preserve our mindless consumertron bubbles. Just think about every pop star, ass twerking story or athlete DUI and ask yourself how many machete gang kill orgies, government/corporate tortures and starvations, or just plain inhumane political machinations are going on at the time you're digesting diversionary pseudo-information.

Project Censored covers many avenues of potential push back. Here I focus on two:
1) www.smartmediaeducation.net
2) www.MoveToAmend.org - 28th Amendment

§1 The rights protected by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only.¶ Artificial entities established by the laws...shall have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the People...¶ The privileges of artificial entities shall be determined by the People...and shall not be construed to be inherent or inalienable.

§2 [Money is NOT free speech, see text at web site]
When I ponder the whip hand given to the corporate construct by personhood my visceral response is retaliation. I hope you feel the same, and can keep me apprised of the status of ‘MoveToAmend’.

Please keep my proposed amendment for federal & all states, in mind also:
All citizens of competent age and mentality shall be permitted to produce and possess any substance for biologic consumption, without question to benefit or detriment.

CENSORED2015=good book

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Colorado's Sanctuary Prison System

Colorado's Sanctuary Prison System

Non-violent, illegal immigrant inmates in Colorado have a statutory "strong presumption of parole" to their deportation detainer. The parole board's response to this logical law scheme is to continuously deny parole for — mostly everyone eligible — the illegals. This is not strictly unlawful, because of the wiggle room of the "strong presumption" language. It is, however, a hostile act against the intention of the law and a public concern. [See recent story by Alan Pendergast, who estimates the annual cost of the parole board's hostility at $37 million.] There is an odd backlash whereby some people — crime victims — are indignant that an illegal was here to perpetrate a crime and want any such convict to serve a maximum sentence. That is to say, they don't want illegal immigrant convicts to "escape" to their deportation detainers, before their mandatory release to that same deportation detainer.

A recent news story (KCNC, Ch. 4, Denver) estimated cost of incarcerating illegal immigrant convicts at $100 million annually. How long should they be held, before sent to their deportation detainers? State senator Kent Lambert (R-Colo. Springs) stated, in the broadcast; as short a time as practicable. He wants corrections resources to not be wasted, beyond parole eligibility of inmates that face deportation anyway. The legislative session is over and nothing on this topic was presented, but political opinion is clear. Hopefully the next session will see some bills with mandatory language, that illegals "shall be paroled."

This comes with new urgency because the parole board has responded to the recent media attention in a most foul manner. Illegals with less than a year to their mandatory release (to ICE) have had their last parole hearing canceled! (This just happened to Hugo Flores at BVMC; yet to be verified as individual or systemic retaliation. Definitely illegal.)

--This story branches here: 1) Parole issues...extended to; why is there a parole board when Colorado has had a mandatory parole scheme for 25 years? Internet search my journalist cellmate: Michael J. McCarthy; 2) Bad behavior of the parole board as typically contumacious and retaliatory, in the face of clear legislation.

Number two is my issue. The department of corrections (DOC) has, like the parole board, run their own script; in complete disregard of statutory intent and public interest. The public, as voiced through clear legislation, wants illegal immigrant inmates deported sooner, rather than later. Interstate Corrections Compact (ICC) served — for over 50 years! — to intranationally deport inmates, to serve their sentences in states of which they have residency. The DOC decided they knew better and repealed the ICC statute. Imagine if your local district attorney repealed criminal code (legislation) at his or her discretion; or if the prison administrators threw out other legislation that obligates the department to hold inmates.

ICC is — present tense verb because the legislation still exists — clear and effective law, that interstate deports inmates. This accomplishes the dual goals of not wasting DOC resources on foreigner’s, as Sen. Lambert stated above; and out-of-state inmates are prepositioned back in their home states. Direct analogy to the international scenario, differing only in that interstate immigration is legal. So, considering that minor distinction: Why does Colorado DOC refuse to execute interstate deportation of inmates w/ no future there? Neurotic possesiveness; at the level of slave owners who beat slaves to death for their $5 market value of pleasure.

I drafted a simple Bill that says application for ICC will be unrestricted. [Corrections Compact Accessibility Act]

This could benefit from media that you forward this article to.

Thank You, Jason Pecci