Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Addendum to Application for Sentence Commutation
(Executive Clemency), Regarding Discovery That
Applicant Is Flagged "Secu
rity Threat Group" (STG)

I, Jason Pecci, submitted a request for sentence commutation to my case manager on 24 September 2014. On 17 November I discovered that I am flagged as a "security threat group" member (known as STG or gang tag). The origin and duration of this tag is undiscovered, and may remain secret.  Investigation will reveal that my disposition and behavior has been constantly diametric to prison culture.

I am disposed against affiliating with groups in general and convicts specifically - an avoidant personality type - to the extent that no clique would have me (and may be offended to find that I have an unearned STG status). By great fortitude I isolate myself from the negative environment of prison.

The accusation of STG perfectly reflects the substance of this
n for commutation. It demonstrates unfounded presumption that results in extended punitive effects; all unknown to me. (fn)

The petition describes the judicial version of this ambush, which led to a conviction and sentence premised upon unfounded presumption.

A STG tag is an accusation of cooperative behavior against the
order of a penitentiary
. Please allow this occurrence of being accused, in exact opposition to my behavior of non-affiliation and non-engagement, to amplify my claims in this application for commutation.
                    fn. This presents an example of how inmates are hindered from positively managing their incarceration.

Friday, October 10, 2014

I am afraid this may be our last stand.  Please copy and paste this into your e-mail and send to maryellen.pecci@gmail.com 

Honorable Governor Hickenlooper,

Please consider Jason Pecci’s commutation request and commute his sentence to the midrange of the corresponding aggravated class III felony range (8-24years).

Prosecutorial posturing appears to have covered up the true facts of the case.

The aggressive posturing by the victim which resulted in physical bodily contact, was overlooked in the course of the consideration by the court and warrants revisiting. I think any
practical person can conclude that the altercation was a struggle which resulted in a fatal shot. That fatal shot was from 1-3 inches which would intimate close body contact.

Other statements and video evidence supports Mr. Pecci’s consistent claim that there was in fact no premeditation, which ultimately resulted in the greater charge and sentence.  I understand the judge said at sentencing that premeditation and deliberation were in his consideration when he decided the sentence.  I also understand that this statement was out of place considering the plea was to second degree murder and the statute for that does not support premeditation and deliberation.

With no deliberation and no malice aforethought it fits the manslaughter class III requirement.  The seconds between the time the victim pushed into Jason and Jason fired the shot did not give time for deliberation or malice.

It appears everything about this process was designed to deny any supportive facts for Jason.

Please consider Jason’s request for a commuted sentence.